FAC 247 Automated Composite Component Manufacture 

MAA 239 GrEATFun2

FAC 246 Chrome replacement Super Finish TechnologyFAC244 Cecence publicity slide


 NWAA233 Prometheus Public Slide   Updated



MAA 243 Nano Enhanced Aerospace Interiors (NEAT)

WEAF 54 v2MAA241 AMIC Publicity slide (final)FAC 207  publicity slideWEAF 223 publicity slideFAC 210 publicity slideMAA241 AMIC Publicity slide (final)WEAF 58 project outcome slideWEAF 142 project outcome slideMAA 062 GrEAT Fun end of project public slideFAC 053 Project Outcome SlideNWC5 S014 Project outcomeFAC 025 outcome slideNATEP WEAF104 public slide 13 10 2017WEAF 32WEAF 123 TextilubMAA 046 Publicity Slide v2WEAF 81 CompeteMAA001 A20X Alloy Surface Treatment Development Publicity SlideWEAF 60MAA 064 project outcome slideWEAF 31 Project Outcome slideNWC3 S007 AV3 FlexibleWEAF 95MAA 048 SHD Public Slide v1FAC035 Final publicity SlideNATEP MAA 038 end of project Publicity Slide v2WEAF 7 Thermoplastic Composite Fusion Welding FINALFeatherlite Aircraft SeatWEAF 122 Mouldable liners