Trackwise Improved Harness Technology™ achieves major milestone


AVPE is a stand out organisation – working with two separate AGP initiatives, benefiting from continuous improvement programme SC21, and funding for an innovative project from NATEP.

New technologies for the aero engine supply chain, 18 Jan 2017
Rolls-Royce, Derby - Organised by Midlands Aerospace Alliance

This event will showcase new technologies being developed for aero engines by UK companies supported by NATEP
These projects encompass new product and process technologies along the whole product lifecycle from design to manufacturing and to MRO.
Rolls-Royce is the end user on 12 of the NATEP projects and has kindly agreed to host this event at its superb Learning and Development Centre in Derby.

The event will be opened by Simon Burr, Director, Engineering & Technology - Civil Aerospace, Rolls-Royce.

Newcastle-based SME Photon Fire Ltd has developed a new technology for the aerospace industry which could save lives.

Automated Manufacture of Slot Liners  

Automated Manufacture of Slot Liners to become a reality
thanks to NATEP funding