AVS SYS files for patent  

AVS-SYS Files for Patent for New Lighter Muffler Ducting
New  Muffler Ducting Will Be 15% Lighter!
NWAA is pleased to announce as part of our collaboration on NATEP, that we will be hosting the NATEP National Showcase 2017 on
Tuesday 28th March at the Manchester Conference centre in Manchester.
Craftsman Tools 'Collaborating with the World's Finest' in NATEP technology development project

#SMEsuccess Oxford Space Systems  

Oxford Space Systems, based at the Harwell Campus Space Cluster, develop deployable structures for the space sector, collaboratively working with global space companies. The company, which has 17 employees, currently works in three principle areas of development: deployable panels, flexible composite boom systems and large deployable antennas.

Materials themed dissemination event  

NATEP ‘Materials Themed’ dissemination event.

30th January 2017 @ 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Westmoreland Mechnical Testing & Research
19 Wildmere Road
Banbury, Oxfordshire,  OX16 3JU