The need for rapid machine tool verification in manufacturing

In high value manufacturing sectors such as the aerospace industry, typical verification operations on large machine tools that make expensive cuts require multiple days of downtime. The increasing challenge of tighter tolerances, higher rates and shorter cycle times put even the most current, modern manufacturing processes under pressure.

Responding to a real business need that reduces machine downtime and material scrap rates across high value, advanced manufacturing sectors, INSPHERE created a new system for rapid machine tool verification. NATEP awarded funding to the company to support development of their system, BASELINE.INSPHERE BASELINE BEN BINGRU

BASELINE: Industry 4.0, rapid machine tool verification in less than one hour INSPHERE’s BASELINE system uses technology that provides full verification of a large machine tool in less than one hour and overcomes disruptive and lengthy machine downtimes, reducing the cost of material scrap rates.


The BASELINE system allows verification checks to be conducted regularly delivering clear, actionable data that provides deeper insight into machine performance. Maintenance interventions become predictive rather than being reactive in a way that enables Industry 4.0 philosophies to become a reality on the manufacturing shop floor. Ultimately, the system provides increased profitability through reduced scrap and confidence in an organisation’s manufacturing processes.

 Development, testing and launch at the Nuclear AMRC

Much of the BASELINE project has taken place at the Nuclear AMRC where INSPHERE have been working over the past 12 months to develop and test their system at the world- class facilities on the centre’s largest machining platforms. The INSPHERE team will be returning to the Nuclear AMRC, March 21st to launch BASELINE to the advanced manufacturing community and potential buyers already interested in the system. The event is free to attend but spaces are limited.

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