Coventry-based Arrowsmith Engineering and project partners have developed new manufacturing
processes aimed at next generation aero­ engines and aircraft, thanks to support from NATEP.

The NATEP project team ofArrowsmith 4 Arrowsmith and collaborative partner ANT Industries is
working with specialists at the Manufacturing Technology Centre [MTC) to develop
new aerospace standard manufacturing techniques including threadrolling.
In the process, Arrowsmith's skilled engineers have transformed themselves into a team of innovators.
Managing director Jason Aldridge said the NATEP project had given Arrowsmith the opportunity to become a "centre
of excellence" for aerospace standard threadrolling.
"We’ll be working alongside the very best companies in the world to create cutting­ edge solutions," he added.
"While the aerospace primes are seen to be investing heavily in new technologies, it's important that the supply chain keeps up. "Advanced engines need advanced engineering solutions at every stage, so this research is crucial for the industry.

By working collaboratively, we're improving the quality and scope of that research, while upskilling our own engineers and sharing our expertise. As a result we will be manufacturing components that previously could not be made, and we’ll be using precision controlled production techniques that keep quality high and costs down."
Aldridge said SMEs are often put off applying for R&D funding by red tape. His experience with NATEP was "completely different”.

"The NATEP technology managers have helped us pull the project together. They worked with us to set criteria, ensure our paperwork was correct, identify what we
needed and then helped us find it.  They didn't push us with an off-the-shelf solution we would have had to adapt for our business."

Aldridge said SMEs often have difficulty embracing a culture of R&D, but he belieArrowsmith 15ves there's a "massive market opportunity" for those that can.

Peter Knight, NATEP technology manager at the Midlands Aerospace Alliance said the advanced manufacturing techniques being developed through such projects have "enormous potential" in the global marketplace.
"It's important that we support small manufacturers as they bring innovative technologies to the skies, so we can maintain the UK supply chain's standing as one of the most competitive and innovative in the world ,"