Structured Process

A structured process to encourage exploit/position product/manufacturing technologies emanating 'bottom up' from UK aerospace supply chain.

£14.4m programme

A £14.4m programme to mature 40 aerospace technologies and create jobs in the supply chain.

Funds New Technologies

Funds new technologies for partnerships of supply chain companies - with customer participation.

Proven Model

NATEP is a proven model - delivered 2013-2017

The Aerospace Growth Partnership developed the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) aimed at small and medium sized suppliers to help them develop their own innovative technologies to enhance their capabilities and increase their ability to win new business with higher tier companies anywhere in the world. The programme builds upon the successful NATEP programme run between 2013-2017 and supported by the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative.
By continuing to develop an aerospace supply chain with a high rate of innovation, rich in new technologies the UK will be better able to offer the right products and services, at the right time and ahead of competition. This will ensure that market opportunities are exploited with high value manufacturing work retained in the UK.

A new £8m injection of funding from the Aerospace Technology Institute ( ) allows the NATEP programme to support 40 more collaborative technology projects involving up to 100 companies, Universities and Research & Technology Organisations. It will sustain or create 500 high value jobs. It will allow a further three six-monthly Calls for project proposals and support projects until 2020.